Starbrite Ultimate Water Absorber

Sale price$19.99 CAD


ULTIMATE WATER ABSORBER is lint-free, resistant to chemicals, mold, and mildew (when cared for properly), and can easily last years.

ULTIMATE WATER ABSORBER is super soft, and is SAFE to use on any gelcoat, fiberglass, or auto finish. Great for eisenglass and plastic! The smooth towel guarantees drying performance without scratches.

ULTIMATE WATER ABSORBER is easy to care for! It’s machine washable and conveniently stores in its own packaging.

ULTIMATE WATER ABSORBER has 100s of uses! Use to soak up spills or splashes, clean off wet shoes, or even dry your dog before getting on your boat.

Contains (1) 26” x 17” (66 cm x 43 cm) yellow cloth.

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