Shurhold Microfibre towels

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The softest, most effective towels you can own! These Microfiber Towels are designed to gently lift dirt and stains from the surface without scratching. A must have for electronic screens, isinglass, and more.

Microfiber towels lift and trap dirt, moisture & grease, unlike regular cotton towels, which just push contaminants across the surface. These towels are extremely soft, gentle, and super absorbent so they won't scratch.

Each of the microfiber towels in the three-pack has a different purpose. The dark blue towel is super soft for polishing and shining; the yellow towel is extra strong for washing and cleaning; the light blue towel is lint free for cleaning and wiping glass and mirrors.

3 Pack of Towels

1 x Polish and Shine

1 x Wash and Wax

1 x Glass and Mirror - Lint free

16 x 16 inches.

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