Shockwave S5 Sentinel Marine Suspension System

Color: Black S5 Sentinel
Sale price$1,299.99 CAD


SHOCKWAVE Seats announces the NEW S5 Sentinel Suspension Module, a re-engineered and updated version of the S5 Suspension Module. The SHOCKWAVE S5 Sentinel offers a FOX and a ROCKSHOX shock absorber and IGUS bushings. Many of the features present on the S5 have been maintained on the S5 Sentinel, including adjustable compression and rebound rates, minimal parts count and 316 stainless steel hardware. The S5 Sentinel is designed, manufactured and assembled in Canada.

The Shockwave S5 Sentinel provides comfort and safety to boaters, offering them an experience they’ve never had before. It offers a smoother, safer and more comfortable ride, protecting occupants from the shock of wave impact. Recreational boaters can stay out longer and travel farther with less fatigue.

The SHOCKWAVE S5 Sentinel comes in a matte black or glossy white finish. It is easily and quickly installed in virtually any boat and can be mounted on a riser box or a short, stocky pedestal with minimal effort.

L - 19" x W 13" x 10"

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