Rule Shower Drain System

GPH: 800
Voltage: 12 Volts
Sale price$259.99 CAD


Polycarbonate Snap Lid Cover – tough impact resistant material plus it's easier to remove
Gasketed Cover – helps prevent water from spilling over the edge of the box while underway
Several Mounting Options – easier to install, especially with the new rear mounting flange - install the flange and anchor any of three sides
Cut Guides and Drill Points - we've added clear cut lines and drill point indents to the intake ports to make installation easier
Friction Fit Pump and Switch – no more screws to fiddle with, the pump is a friction fit and the float switch snaps into the base
Threaded Port Fittings - improves installation by offering several combinations of port fittings including 3/4", 1", 1 1/8", straight and 90º elbow fittings plus we now offer 3/4" and 1" straight and elbow Flow-Rite fittings
Gasketed Cover – helps prevent water from spilling over the edge of the box while underway
Easy Clean Strainer – new scoop strainer allows you to easily get your hand under the strainer to clean the debris from the box
Larger Joker Valve – allows full flow through the plumbing which means more flow at higher head heights
• Connections: For 19mm (3/4"), 25mm (1") or 29mm (1 1/8") bore hose on inlet and outlet. Straight or 90º Elbow
• Dimensions: 230mm x 240mm x 130mm high.
• Fuse Size: 5(amp)
• Output: 50 litres/minute (11 gallons/minute). Max recommended discharge head 2.5m
• Contains Rule 800 Submersible.
• Pump controlled by a Rule-a-Matic float switch.
• Clip in, removable pump, strainer and cover allows easy cleaning and servicing.
• Sealed clear screw-down cover.
• Integral non-return valve.
• Ignition protected.
• Multi-port inlet.
• Packaged Dimensions: 26"L x 14" x 35"
• Actual Weight: 1.58 Kg (Approx. 2.08 Kg packed)

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