Promariner Prosport HD Series Battery Chargers

Size/current/banks: 12V 6 Amp - 1 Bank
Sale price$204.99 CAD


ProSport HD

The new ProSportHD features an innovative tri-surface heatsink housing. This lightweight design delivers faster charging through optimal cooling, while delivering true rated constant current during charge mode. ProSportHD features:

    • Heavy Duty Tri-Surface Extruded Heat Sink Design
    • Digital Microprocessor Control
    • Distributed-On-Demand™ Technology
    • Advanced LED Display with Completion Status Gauge 
    • Lightweight Design 
    • Auto-Maintain Energy Saver Mode
    • Fully Automatic 5-Stage Digital Performance Charging
    • Built-in Quality and Safety
    • Easy Installation and Operation

ProSportHD’s enhanced microprocessor supports a state-of-the art dashboard that provides critical performance data at a glance. This data includes:
    • Charge Completion Monitor
    • Charge Mode LED bar
    • Individual dual mode Full / Fault Battery indicators
    • 3 digitally selectable performance charge profiles.

Charge Mode and Completion Gauge

5 Stage Performance Charging Overview

Fully automatic multi-stage charging enhances battery performance with 5 sequential stages: Analyzing, Charging, Conditioning, Auto Maintain (Energy Saver) and a once a month storage recondition mode that’s safe for short and long term storage.

System Check OK and Battery Status indicators provide real time installation and battery fault status feedback.

Pre-Wired with Waterproof DC Fuses

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