Imperial Immersion Suits

Size (See sizing chart): Child
Sale price$449.99 CAD


***Currently out of Stock till 2023 - can be back-ordered if this model is required***


Three fingered mitt to keep your fingers warmer. Two zipper tabs; located at top and bottom of zipper. This cuts down on your donning time allowing the zipper to be pulled up. Wide legs to allow quick donning. Gives you the ability to don with shoes or boots on. Ankle straps aid in walking. Toe valves that purge water quickly. If your suit should be damaged or donned in the water it will necessary to get the water out of your suit before you can get into a life raft, onboard another vessel, or on the beach. The toe valves also release trapped air upon entering the water. Face seal is soft and flexible making it comfortable to wear. Back straps keep the ring in place. More reflective tape than required. Sturdy carrying bag with two handles. One handle on the side and one on the bottom for quick Donning. Quality bag snaps are used to help prevent corrosion.

Personal Survival Kit Pocket - this pocket zips right onto the high rider ring; a simple solution for the need of a personal survival kit. It can hold an EPIRB, spare glasses, medication, flares, water, food, etc.

Size Height Range (M) Height Range (FT/IN) Weight Range (KG) Weight Range (LBS)
Adult Small 1.47 to 1.77 4'10" to 5'10" Up to 81 Up to 180
Universal 1.5 to 1.9 5'4" to 6'3" 50 to 150 110 to 330
Oversize Over 1.9 Over 6'3" Over 150 Over 330
Child Up to 1.5 Up to 59" Up to 150 Up to 110

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