3M 4000UV Adhesive Sealant Fast Cure

Size: 88ml Tube
Sale price$29.99 CAD


    • High-performance, medium strength bonding allows for disassembly
    • Excellent UV resistance
    • Colour stable sealing
    • Above and below the water line applications
    • 22 minute skin time helps keep jobs moving quickly

    The 3M™ Marine Adhesive Sealant 4000 UV is a one-component, medium-strength, moisture-curing, gap-filling sealant that cures to form a firm, flexible and waterproof seal on aluminum, wood, gel coat and fibreglass, making it well-suited for marine applications above or below the waterline. This product offers excellent UV resistance for reliable long term performance.

    The flexibility of this adhesive sealant allows for the dissipation of stress caused by shock, vibration, swelling or shrinking. It is designed for marine applications above or below the waterline. Its superior UV resistance properties make this an ideal cosmetic sealant.

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